Jerry Yan at the Star Awards: Six things to know about the Taiwanese star


SINGAPORE - Eternally boyish-looking but notoriously private, Taiwanese actor-singer Jerry Yan was in town on Sunday (April 14) to attend the Star Awards ceremony.

He spoke to Singapore media before the show - questions were heavily vetted by his management beforehand - and here are six things you might not know about the 42-year-old, who rocketed to fame after starring in the Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden (2001).

1. Wedding bells rang the last time he was in Singapore

The member of Taiwanese boy band F4, which also comprises Van Ness Wu, Ken Chu, and Vic Chou, last came here in 2014 to attend Wu's wedding banquet at The St Regis Singapore.

On being back, he said: "I'm excited. Singapore is a very beautiful place, a city with many trees."

This time around, he also managed to eat bak kut teh and Hainanese chicken rice.

2. He feels nervous facing the media

Despite his trademark shy smile, he speaks slowly and carefully, often pausing for a few seconds before answering.

"I was afraid of the media," confessed the star, whose rumoured relationship with Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chi-ling often made headlines.

"Maybe because I felt hurt (by it) in the past. But I feel things have improved a lot."

3. He is trying to gain weight

Estimating his weight to be least 75kg, the 1.8m-tall star said: "People tell me I'm too skinny. My face is too sharp."

So how much heavier does he want to be? He replied: "Until I look pleasing to the eye."

4. His mother is the reason why he entered show business

According to his fan club's Facebook page, Yan lost his father at age 12, and was raised by his seamstress mother.

He said that in the past few years, he has been spending more time with her.

"She is getting old. I do not want to be so busy and regret not spending time with my family."

He recalled that in his school days, he once appeared in a television advertisement, and his mother would come out to watch the ad whenever she heard it come on.


"I realised it brought her joy and as a young person, you want to make your family happy."

5. He is no slave to smartphones

He said: "In life, I think there are many more meaningful things than looking at your phone. I can learn or do something (else)."

6. He is single

Asked if he was ready for a relationship, he replied: "I'm ready. Do you want to recommend someone?"

Adding that fellow F4 member Chou has a child, Yan said: "I do hope to find love. Apart from work and family, love is also part of one's happiness."