Meteor Garden throwback: 5 things to relive with the reboot of the F4 drama 

A television still from Meteor Garden II, featuring (from left) Jerry Yan, Van Ness Wu, Barbie Hsu, Ken Chu and Vic Chou. PHOTO: STARHUB

This article was first published on April 12, 2017, and was updated on Nov 10, 2017.

The cast for a highly anticipated Meteor Garden TV drama reboot by Taiwanese producer Angie Chai, was announced on Thursday (Nov 9), 16 years after the original series premiered.

Chinese newbie actress Shen Yue, 20, will play Shancai, while the school's four richest and most popular boys - known collectively as F4 - will be played by Taipei native Darren Cheng playing Huazelei, and Chinese actors Dylan Wang as Daoming Si, Connor Leong as Meizuo, and Caesar Wu as Ximen.

The news has made fans all nostalgic for the 2001 show and the stars. Here are five things we remember.

1. Enter F4 and their hair

The boys and their hairstyles make a memorable entrance in the first episode. Two cars stop at a school and Van Ness Wu is the first to step out, grinning and tossing his long, straight hair. Ken Chu and Vic Chou are next, both with chin-length hairstyles. Finally, Jerry Yan joins them, standing tall and looking faintly ludicrous with a bouffant hairdo.

(But don't laugh. This is hair that produced a revolution. In Indonesia, young men would straighten their hair to look like F4. In the Philippines, it was reported that one teenager killed another in a dispute over whose hair looked more like Chou's.)

2. Breathless pacing

Apart from the casting and the hairstyling, there is a reason the drama became a runaway success. The adaptation of the girl's comic series Boys Over Flowers is fast and fun from the word go. The seesawing love-hate relationship between Yan's cocky Daoming Si and Barbie Hsu's dogged Shancai starts in the first episode.

3. Awful costumes


Can we say it now? The rich kids in the show don't look it probably because the drama was made on a shoestring, for NT$500,000 an episode. Chai has said F4's costumes were from small shops in Ximending.

4. A young Rainie Yang is in it

Before she became a bigger star, she had a small role in Meteor Garden as Xiaoyou, the sweet girl who likes Chu's playboy Ximen.

5. Yan is an underrated actor

As Daoming Si, he had the funniest, cutest lines ("If apologies worked, would the police be needed?"). And you remember them because he said them right.

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