Jay Chou surprises JJ Lin's mother at her Bishan KTV Lounge in new travelogue series

JJ Lin (left) and Jay Chou in Japan last year. PHOTO: JAYCHOU/INSTAGRAM

SINGAPORE - When fans first saw Mandopop king Jay Chou and home-grown singer JJ Lin cavorting in Singapore together in 2018 - it was unclear what the two Mandopop superstars were doing.

With the release of Chou's travelogue series J Style Trip on Netflix on March 18, the secret is out.

The 39-year-old Lin appeared as a guest on Chou's show, touring Singapore with him.

In return, Chou, 41, surprised Lin's mother at Bishan's Voice Art karaoke lounge, which is opened by Lin's parents.

In the second episode, Lin visits his mother's karaoke lounge and begins singing for her guests, relatives and friends there.

Midway through a rendition of Love Confession, Chou's 2016 hit song, Chou suddenly appears and joins Lin in singing, surprising his mother.

Lin's mother looked on with glee and was later invited up onstage to sing with the two stars.

Chou even performed a few of his signature magic tricks for Lin's mother including one where he made roses bloom from a potted plant nearby. He gave Lin's mother one of the roses.

He praised Lin as a filial son and joked with Lin's mother: "Did he bring home a daughter-in-law for you? A girlfriend?"

Chou is married to model-actress Hannah Quinlivan and the couple have one daughter and one son.

Lin is still single.

In response, Lin's mother asked Chou to introduce women to his son.

In an interview with the travelogue's crew, Lin's mother said: "I always tell my son to be good and to learn from friends around him. Jay Chou is one of them."

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