Efficient, eco-friendly and stylish: Hybrid drives to spot at Cars@Expo 2022

Whether you need a chic, new drive or desire a practical ride to suit your lifestyle, consider these hybrid vehicles at Singapore’s largest motor show this year

From electric to hybrid, the electrified vehicles on display at Cars@Expo 2022 are bound to excite and enthral visitors to the event. PHOTOS: INCHCAPE SINGAPORE, MAZDA, VOLKSWAGEN

With the electric revolution under way, it is giving drivers more opportunities to go green than ever. Just as the internal combustion engine (ICE) mobilised the masses in the 20th century, the electric motor will be the motive power of choice in the next era of transportation.

Smaller than a comparable ICE engine and with fewer moving parts, an electric motor is easier to maintain yet delivers spirited acceleration – going green does not mean losing out on driving fun.

Cars@Expo 2022 is held on Aug 13 and 14 at the Singapore Expo Halls 3B and 4. To find your way around, tap on "Hall 3B" or "Hall 4" to zoom into the enlarged version of the floor plan of the respective halls. 

It’s cleaner for the environment too. An electric vehicle (EV) emits half the amount of carbon dioxide over its lifetime compared with a similar ICE-powered vehicle.

Moreover, rapid developments in EV technology has resulted in more attractive vehicles made by automakers today.

Modern EVs are faster, more advanced and can go further on one charge than before, giving drivers a wider selection of cars to fit their lifestyles.

The Singapore government is not only encouraging adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles, but also facilitating construction of more vehicle chargers around the island – the target is to have 60,000 charging points by 2030 – to give motorists a seamless EV ownership experience.

It is an environment that plays into the hands – or the steering wheel – of the Audi e-tron. An all-electric sport utility vehicle, it keeps its passengers ensconced in a luxurious cabin, all wrapped in a body synonymous with Audi’s design codes – and one that hints of the futuristic powertrain that lies beneath.

With a range of up to 441km from a large underfloor battery, it’s perfect for that long family trip that you’ve been waiting for.

The new Lexus NX350h is also impressive. It not only looks good but offers an exhilarating drive, too. Nestled under the bonnet is the Japanese marque’s large capacity hybrid system, which offers dynamic driving performance and fuel economy of 20km for every litre. Who said fun and frugality could not coexist?

The Audi e-tron and Lexus NX350h are just two of the many electrified offerings showcased at Cars@Expo 2022. To truly understand the future of mobility, head down to the Singapore Expo Halls 3B and 4.

Meanwhile, here is a selection of hybrid vehicles that will turn your heads on Aug 13 and 14.

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Honda Civic 2.0 e:HEV

One of the Japanese brand's most popular cars, the Honda Civic 2.0 e:HEV finally comes in a hybrid version and it combines efficiency with top-notch performance. PHOTO: KAH MOTORS

A stout favourite among keen drivers, the Honda Civic 2.0 e:HEV features a new 2-litre engine, paired with e:HEV technology – the marque’s powertrain system that combines electric power with a petrol engine – for a total power output of 135kW and 315Nm of torque. 

This combination offers impressive acceleration, and even more outstanding fuel economy of up to 21.7km every litre, making it sporty yet frugal with petrol. 

Inside, the sensible and stylish interior of the hybrid Civic is a step up from earlier models with digital instruments, a large infotainment screen, recessed air-con vents behind an elegant honeycomb mesh, and great build quality. 

If a reliable, spacious sedan with sporty handling is what you require, then the Honda Civic ticks all the right boxes. 

Kia Sorento Hybrid

Besides being a more powerful drive, the Kia Sorento Hybrid comes with a host of technological improvements that enhances the safety of the driver and passengers. PHOTO: CYCLE & CARRIAGE

Previously offered with a 2.2-litre turbodiesel engine, the new Kia Sorento Hybrid now gets a new setup that offers more power and fuel efficiency.

It is now fitted out with a turbocharged 1.6-litre petrol engine mated to an electric motor, which delivers a total of 167kW and up to 350Nm of torque.

Even with more power, it achieves a combined average fuel efficiency of 18.5km per litre. Also, the hybrid is quicker, taking 8.8 secs for the century sprint.

The Sorento Hybrid boasts a lengthy list of safety features, including Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist, Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist and Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Avoidance Assist.

One nifty feature is the little video window that appears in the instrument cluster when you flick the signal stalk on to show you the car’s blind spot. Neat.

Lexus NX 350h

A good balance of luxury, performance and aesthetics, the Lexus NX 350h is a fine SUV crossover ride to own. PHOTO: INCHCAPE SINGAPORE

At Lexus, craftmanship and build quality is everything and it is no different in the new Lexus NX 350h (the “h” stands for hybrid).

The front features a new spindle grille, while the interior features Lexus’ first electronic door latch mechanism, an elegant touch inspired by shoji – paper screen doors used in traditional Japanese architecture.

The driving experience is simplified and optimised through seamless and intuitive controls.

The fourth-generation, large capacity hybrid system combines an incredibly efficient 2.5-litre, four-cylinder engine with a high output motor.

With 177kW on tap and a 0-to-100kmh sprint of 7.7 secs, this combination offers an exhilarating drive yet excellent fuel economy of 20km for every litre.

Inside, the driver and occupants can enjoy a high-resolution, 14-inch touchscreen multimedia system with wireless Apple CarPlay and wired Android Auto for enhanced connectivity.

Mazda 3 Hatchback 1.5l Mild Hybrid

The M-Hybrid system in the Mazda 3 Hatchback 1.5-litre Mild Hybrid helps improve fuel economy by using energy recovered during deceleration to power onboard electrical equipment. PHOTO: MAZDA

Wowing the world with the latest-generation Mazda 3, the Japanese marque proves that it can also craft such exquisite offerings.

With clean lines and curvaceous haunches, the Mazda 3 Hatchback 1.5-litre Mild Hybrid looks as good as it goes, while possessing a drivetrain and interior refinement of costlier cars.

With a creamy-smooth 1.5-litre engine mated to a mild hybrid system that powers the electrics at rest, it returns a frugal 18.1 km for every litre.

Punching well above its weight, the Mazda 3 is for those who value style and distinctive design, but who also demand a car with an enhanced driving experience.

Toyota RAV4

Spacious yet fuel-efficient, the Toyota RAV4 is a powerful and comfortable drive. PHOTO: INCHCAPE SINGAPORE

One of the original cars that spawned the SUV trend, the ruggedly handsome Toyota RAV4 needs no introduction.

The stalwart in the Toyota stable is now getting the brand’s famed hybrid drivetrain for top-notch fuel economy. With a 2.5-litre hybrid Dynamic Force Powertrain and a self-charging hybrid system, the system develops 160kW, which propels the RAV4 to 100kmh in 8.1 secs.

Yet, it boasts incredible fuel economy of 21.7 km per litre, proof that driving a spacious SUV does not mean using more fuel.

Speaking of spacious, its 542-litre boot space is large enough for a week’s shopping for the family.

The RAV4’s interior is also sensibly laid out and easy to get used to, with large rubber-coated knobs for the air-conditioning that remains icy-cold even in soaring temperatures.

Volkswagen Golf eTSI 

That the Volkswagen Golf is into its eighth generation is clear testament to how great a drive it has been and this Golf eTSI variant is no different. PHOTO: VOLKSWAGEN

In the pantheon of great cars, it’s safe to say that none has been bestowed more accolades than the venerable Volkswagen Golf.

Now in its eighth generation, it retains all things great about the previous models – sparkling handling, a spacious interior and huge practicality.

Now, it is powered by a four‑cylinder engine with a 48V mild‑hybrid system that develops 109kW and 250Nm of torque, yet retains great fuel economy.

Performance hasn’t been left behind in the pursuit of efficiency either, with the Golf turning in a brisk 8.1 seconds in the century sprint.

Volkswagen’s Digital Cockpit and wireless charging come as standard, while dynamic rear turning indicators – once the preservice of pricier models – make an appearance, too.

Cars@Expo 2022 is held from Aug 13 to 14 at Singapore Expo Halls 3B and 4 from 10am to 8pm. Click here to read more about the latest cars and special deals at the show. 

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