Hot Bods: Parkour is a lifestyle for me

Shisha Tan (left) and Tan Chi Ying are this week's hot bods. ST PHOTOS: NG SOR LUAN

SINGAPORE - Meet this week's hot bods: creative director Shisha Tan, 29, and A2 Movements director Tan Chi Ying, 36.

Shisha Tan, 29, creative director

Height: 1.65m

Weight: 50kg

Exercise regimen: I do wushu, motorcycling and parkour every week, spending about two hours on each activity a week. I have been learning wushu for about two years now. Activities like running on a treadmill do not motivate me.

I need something interesting to keep me going. I have also tried wingchun, aikido, wakeboarding, archery, badminton and more.

Diet: I have two meals a day. I love white rice, which I have with vegetables and fish. I do not eat other meats. I snack on fruit such as pineapple.

Tan Chi Ying, 36, director of A2 Movements

Height: 1.65m

Weight: 55kg

Exercise regimen: I was exposed to a variety of sports as a teenager, from canoeing and rock climbing to fencing and parkour.

I have been doing mainly parkour for the past few years. It is a lifestyle for me and it is something I do every day. I also spend two to three times a week on light parkour training. Each session lasts between 1.5 and two hours. I started practising flips from 2010 to keep up with trends in the world of parkour.

Diet: I have one to two meals a day, usually hawker food like prata, chicken rice and bak chor mee. I like soups and have them at least twice a week. I munch on fruit and vegetables throughout the day.

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