Hot Bods: I do cardio exercises every day as it helps me wake up

Retail manager Aaron Torres (left) and software engineer Maria Tirador Alises.
Retail manager Aaron Torres (left) and software engineer Maria Tirador Alises.ST PHOTOS: MOHD KHALID BABA

SINGAPORE - Meet this week's hot bods, software engineer Maria Tirador Alises, 28, and retail manager Aaron Torres, 29.

Maria Tirador Alises, 28, 

Software engineer

Height: 1.7m

Weight: 58kg

Exercise routine: I do weight training five times a week, focusing on different body areas.

I try to focus on keeping good form and mind-muscle connection. I also do three to five sessions of cardio and I use different machines to keep it fun.


I have been vegan for about two years and have built a good amount of muscle relying on plant-based protein sources such as tofu, tempeh and beans. I eat a consistent diet and have only one or two free meals a week.

Aaron Torres, 29

Retail manager

Height: 1.93m

Weight: 83.5kg

Exercise routine: I train five times a week and focus on different body parts. I also do cardio every day of the week, specially on rest days as it helps you to wake up.

Diet: I'm pescatarian, so I go for tilapia, tuna and salmon. Rice is my second best friend. Sometimes, a pure tomato sauce can do wonders.