Hot Bods: Electrical muscle stimulation in workouts

Consultant Subash Rajendran (left) includes electrical muscle stimulation in his workouts while assistant manager Gwendolyn Lee alternates between strength workouts and cardio sessions. ST PHOTOS: TIMOTHY DAVID

SINGAPORE - Meet this week's hot bods -assistant manager Gwendolyn Lee, 27, and consultant Subash Rajendran, 29.

Subash Rajendran, 29


Height: 1.64m Weight: 59kg

Exercise regimen: I exercise daily, allocating five days for strength exercises, focusing on various muscle groups, and two days for cardio.

I also include electrical muscle stimulation in my workouts. For cardio, I run and do HIIT (high-intensity interval training).

Diet: My diet consists of mainly brown rice and air-fried or baked chicken breast. I include soya milk and take tuna in water instead of mayonnaise for my sandwiches.

I allow myself a weekly fast-food treat and savoury snacks like chips or sour gummies once a day. I also avoid fatty meat and prefer lean red meat. I drink coffee daily.

Gwendolyn Lee, 27

Business development assistant manager

Height: 1.65m Weight: 50.7kg

Exercise regimen: I exercise five to six times a week, alternating between strength workouts and cardio sessions. I do deadlifts, barbell squats, bend-over rolls and hip thrusts. I run, cycle and play badminton as part of my cardio. When the gyms were closed, I included a flow workout that combined stretching and strength.

Diet: I prepare my own meals.

These usually include white rice or pasta with stir-fried chicken breast or beef with minimal seasoning. I do not avoid any food in particular. As for treats, I allow myself a slice of cake, a handful of popcorn, a couple of macarons or a bar of chocolate daily.

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