Hot Bods: Eating slowly and stopping when 80% full

IT security consultant Arnold Lim and financial consultant Maybel Heng are this week's hot bods. ST PHOTOS: GIN TAY

SINGAPORE - Meet this week's hot bods: IT security consultant Arnold Lim, 54, and financial consultant Maybel Heng, 44 .

Arnold Lim, 54

IT security consultant

Height 1.64m

Weight 66kg

Exercise regimen

After my disappointment from the collapse of the chain of California Fitness gyms some years ago, I now prefer the free exercise stations in parks.

I engage in simple movements such as chin-ups, parallel bar dips, hanging leg raises to toe the bar, planks, push-ups and so on, focusing on form and listening to my body. For cardio, I do a 5km run on alternate days.


I prefer simple food that is processed minimally. I eat mainly fruit, nuts, vegetables and white meat, and avoid white rice where possible. I love to indulge in hawker food, ice cream and chilli crab on cheat days, but I eat these in moderation.

I largely abstain from alcohol and caffeine.

Maybel Heng, 44

Financial Consultant

Height 1.53m

Weight 43kg

Exercise regimen

I have spin classes at least once a week. I also do a core 360 workout under ActiveSG once a week as well as a home workout twice a week, focusing on my abs and arms.


I do not watch my diet. My motto has been "exercise to eat". That being said, I eat in moderation when I indulge in bubble tea, char kway teow and fried food.

I also believe in having small but frequent meals. My rule of thumb is to stop when I am 80 per cent full. I also eat very slowly and do not gobble down my food.

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