Hot bods: Diversify fitness routine with alternative exercises

Civil servant Sean Ng (left) and math tutor Vanessa Wong. ST PHOTOS: KEVLIN CHNG

Meet this week’s hot bods – Mr Sean Ng, 49, civil servant, and Ms Vanessa Wong, 45, maths tutor

Sean Ng, 49

Civil servant

Height: 1.79m
Weight: 69kg

Exercise regimen: I used to run 10km at least three times a week, but since I sprained my ankle months ago, I have been trying to find alternative exercises. I started going to the gym recently, when I got my mobility back, and have been hitting it for an hour four times a week. It has been a month and I hope to be as lean as before in another month or so. I am targeting my arms and core and hope to slowly do a bit of cardio soon.

Diet: I have always had a preference for lean meat. I limited my carbohydrate intake a few years ago and prefer clean protein like eggs, fish and chicken. I have never fancied fried food or fast food and I eat lots of greens and fruit. My only weaknesses are chocolate and ice cream.

Vanessa Wong, 45

Mathematics tutor

Height: 1.58m
Weight: 46kg

Exercise regimen: An effective exercise routine should be diverse, enjoyable and sustainable. And it must fit into my daily schedule without disrupting work and other commitments. Just doing one form of exercise trains or tones up only certain core muscles, so I include jogging, cycling, stretching, planking and gym workouts to achieve an overall toning of various muscles. Exercising is most fun when it is done in a group. I am blessed to have cycling kakis who constantly motivate me to stay active and make cycling trips fun.

Diet: I limit the amount of carbohydrates consume, but I occasionally indulge in fried food and oily food. I refrain from eating after 7pm to ensure there are at least 12 hours till my next meal.

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