Hot Bods: Diets don’t have to be restrictive

Shipping executive Sam Raja (left) and entrepreneur Yvonne Chang. ST PHOTOS: JASON QUAH

SINGAPORE – Meet this week’s hot bods – shipping executive Sam Raja, 26, and entrepreneur Yvonne Chang, 32.

Sam Raja, 26, shipping executive

Height: 1.75m
Weight: 63kg

Exercise regimen: I hit the gym three times a week, focusing on push, pull and leg routines – one day for each. I do not do cardio besides treadmill walking because I lose weight very easily. Other than that, I hike occasionally.

Diet: I usually try to cook my meals. My go-to meal is white rice and chicken breast with a lower-calorie sauce and cabbage. Otherwise, I just eat chicken rice at my workplace or yong tau foo. I do not count macros, I just make sure I eat somewhat clean. I do not do specific cheat days, but if I crave something savoury like fast food, I go ahead and eat it. After that, I make sure I work it off. It is very hard for me to put on weight, so if I am trying to bulk, I will eat six meals a day.

Yvonne Chang, 32, entrepreneur

Height: 1.58m
Weight: 59kg

Exercise regimen: I teach pole dancing 15 to 20 hours a week. Each class is around an hour and I also train on my own for around five hours a week. I do weight training with a personal trainer once a week, focusing on flexibility training. I started off with no fitness or dance background, and pole dancing was transformational. I had tried many ways to get fit, like yoga and ballet. But pole dancing clicked for me because it combines strength and cardio, and it is fun.

Diet: I eat everything in moderation. With the amount of exercise I do, I feel comfortable not restricting my diet. I enjoy ice cream with waffles. Sometimes after training, I reward myself with ice cream.

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