TV host Kym Ng may go for surgery after relapse of thyroid disorder

Kym Ng spent 1½ months recovering and had to take six pills a day during that period. PHOTO: KYM_NG/INSTAGRAM

SINGAPORE - Local television host Kym Ng, who suffers from thyroid disorder and is on regular medication, may consider going for surgery after suffering a relapse.

Known for co-hosting variety game show The Sheng Siong Show with actor-host Dasmond Koh, she told Chinese-language evening daily Shin Min Daily News her thyroid condition has flared up more than once, with the latest episode taking place during the Star Awards in April this year.

"I didn't feel much in past relapses, but it felt quite serious this time," she said. "I lost a lot of weight and felt weak."

The 54-year-old recalled that she kept sweating, shivering and having diarrhoea during that time, and was quite worried when she attended the Star Awards.

"I remember the dress I was wearing that day was very heavy, and I was scared that I might fall while walking," she said.

Ng won Best Supporting Actress for legal drama Daybreak at the awards.

She spent 1½ months recovering and had to take six pills a day during that period. She has recovered from that attack, but is still on regular medication.

She had waved away suggestions to remove her thyroid gland in the past because she was worried about having to take medication for life.

However, the latest episode has spooked her and seemed to have changed her mind.

Ng can currently be seen on the Channel 8 variety series HDB Tai Tai 4.0 with actress Chen Liping.

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