Taiwanese singer-host Alien Huang remembered on his first death anniversary

Alien Huang (left) had died of an aortic dissection. (Right) A poster for Alien Huang's art exhibition posted on social media.
Alien Huang (left) had died of an aortic dissection. (Right) A poster for Alien Huang's art exhibition posted on social media.PHOTOS: AES_ALIEN/INSTAGRAM, RAINIE YANG/INSTAGRAM

TAIPEI - Several Taiwanese celebrities remembered late singer-host Alien Huang on his first death anniversary, with his family holding an exhibition showcasing almost 300 of his artworks.

Huang, 36, was found dead at his home on Sept 16 last year. An autopsy concluded that he had died of an aortic dissection, which led to a blockage of his blood vessels.

Many of his celebrity pals, including TV host Sandy Wu as well as singers Rainie Yang and Cyndi Wang, promoted the exhibition by posting on social media a poster of the event which is held in Taipei from Thursday (Sept 16) to Sept 26.

Wu, the daughter of TV host Jacky Wu, wrote that she went for the pre-opening of the exhibition with Huang's father as the guide. She noticed that Huang Senior, who lost about 6kg in the past year, seemed to be lost in his thoughts during the guided tour.

She asked him what he would do if visitors offered to buy the artworks at high prices. He replied: "To them, it is only a few dollars, but for me, it is something invaluable. How to sell them?"

Taiwanese TV host Mickey Huang also posted on social media photos of him visiting the exhibition and the many artworks there.

Taiwanese TV host Mickey Huang posted a photo of him and Alien Huang's father visiting the art exhibition on Sept 15, 2021. PHOTO: MICKEY HUANG/FACEBOOK

Yang, who was Alien Huang's good friend and former girlfriend, also shared a photo posted by artist Elin Yeh, which shows Huang, Yang, Yeh, actress Ann Hsu and another friend identified only as Jason looking in different directions.

The five good friends are known as the Hwa Kang Gang of Five as they were graduates of the Taipei Hwa Kang Arts School.

Yeh wrote in Chinese: "Today is the first anniversary of your death. We have many things to say to you, many things to do together and many stories to share together.

"I can only post this photo now which shows all of us looking forward. You have taken the lead by going first, but don't worry, we are fine."

Taiwanese actor Kunda Hsieh posted photos of him going hiking with TV presenter Kid Lin, as they retraced the steps of a trek they did with Huang last year.

Lin and Huang were the co-hosts of outdoor variety show Mr Player with Jacky Wu. The trio have been jointly nominated for Best Host for a Reality or Game Show for Mr Player at the upcoming Golden Bell Awards.

Huang's girlfriend, cheerleader Wu Han-chun, posted two photos of her eating noodles at a roadside stall, as she wrote: "Missing the dry noodles, missing the randomness and missing the daily life."

Sharp-eyed fans noticed that the stall was one frequented by many Taiwanese celebrities, with Huang declaring in 2013 that it was his favourite noodle shop. Huang and Wu's relationship came to light only after his death.