Taiwanese singer-host Alien Huang died from cardiovascular complications: Official autopsy report

There was speculation Huang's death might have been due to a freak accident at home. PHOTO: ROCK RECORDS

Taiwanese singer-host Alien Huang had died from cardiovascular complications, according to the complete autopsy report released on Tuesday (Oct 27).

Huang, 36, was found dead at his home in Beitou district, Taipei, on Sept 16.

There was speculation then that his death might have been due to a freak accident at home as he was found lying half-dressed in the hallway near the bathroom by his father.

Huang was pronounced dead by the paramedics who arrived at the scene. The police did not find any drugs, wine bottles or signs of struggle on the premises.

His manager said that according to an autopsy done on Sept 18, he had no external injuries and had died of an aortic dissection, which had led to a blockage of his blood vessels.

Huang's father was seen collecting the report on Tuesday.

He said he has no objection to the cause of his son's death and was seen leaving after collecting the death certificate.

Huang's body was cremated on Sept 25, with a memorial, titled The Most Romantic Concert On Earth, held at a concert venue Legacy Taipei on Oct 6.

Outdoor variety show Mr Player, which featured Huang and his co-hosts Jacky Wu and Kid Lin, has also aired the last episode featuring Huang on Oct 24.

The producers paid tribute to Huang at the end of the show, where he was seen walking on the beach before leaving in a spaceship. He could be heard saying "Thanks to everybody", as though indicating he had completed his mission and was leaving Earth.

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