Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu denies her husband DJ Koo faces repatriation

Barbie Hsu registered her marriage with South Korean musician DJ Koo in Taiwan in March. PHOTOS: HSUSHIYUAN/INSTAGRAM, DJKOO/INSTAGRAM

TAIPEI - Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu has denied that her husband, South Korean musician DJ Koo, faces repatriation.

Claims that Koo, whose real name is Koo Jun-yup, is facing repatriation had gone viral in China on Sunday (April 10).

It was rumoured that his application for a foreign spouse residence permit could not proceed as he was not able to produce documents to prove that he had no criminal record.

Hsu's studio reacted in a Weibo post on the same day.

It wrote: "The couple thought initially that he could apply for a residence permit in Taipei after they registered their marriage.

"He was not aware that he needed a no-criminal-record certificate and has asked his family in South Korea to apply for it on his behalf."

Koo, 52, is scheduled to fly to New York for work in mid-May. 

The plan was for him to do so after registering his marriage with Hsu, 45, in Taiwan in March.

The studio said that was why he had applied for a 60-day visa in Taiwan, adding that it was a planned trip and not a "repatriation". 

Koo flew to Taipei on March 9 after he and Hsu, who is better known as Big S, announced their surprise marriage on social media the day before.

He served his 10-day quarantine at a local hotel, which he left around midnight on March 20.

He went to Hsu's home for another seven days of "self-health management" which ended on March 27.

The couple then registered their marriage in Taiwan on March 28, although they did not do so in person due to the huge media presence outside her house and at the Household Registration Office.

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