Taiwan TV host Jacky Wu and HK celebrities parody Squid Game's doll scene

Jacky Wu spoofing an iconic scene in the show which involves a large mechanical doll turning its head 360 degrees. PHOTOS: JACKY WU/INSTAGRAM, REUTERS

TAIPEI/HONG KONG - K-drama Squid Game has become so popular that many netizens and even celebrities are parodying the show.

On Friday (Oct 1), Taiwanese TV host Jacky Wu posted online a video that spoofed an iconic scene in the Netflix series, involving a large creepy mechanical doll turning its head 360 degrees.

In the five-second video, Wu, 59, who was seen with his back facing the camera, sported twin braids on opposite sides of his head and a dress similar to that worn by the doll.

The four-time Golden Bell winner then turned towards the camera and gave a creepy smile, with his cheeks in rosy red.

Wu's video sparked comments from his fans, with some saying that the Ghost Month is over, while other joked that they would have died from laughter instead of dying in another way, as in the scene.

Even his daughter, TV host, Sandy Wu could not resist sharing the video on her Facebook account, as she wrote: "Look at my dad. I can't stop laughing."

Meanwhile, two Hong Kong celebrities who are said to be doppelgangers of the characters in TV series decided to join in the fun too.

Several Hong Kong netizens said that teenage singer Gigi Yim looked like a real-life version of the doll, while others noted that Hong Kong actor Shaun Tam looked like South Korean actor Lee Jung-jae, who plays leading character Seong Gi-hun (Player 456).

When they bumped into each other at TVB City in Hong Kong, Yim and Tam re-enacted the doll scene and posted photos of their efforts on their social media accounts on Thursday.

Tam, 41, wrote: "Hey stop, I want to say...your new song is good", while Yim, 16, said: "My head really can't turn 360 degrees".

Tam, son of veteran actor Ti Lung, starred in the TV series The Forgotten Day (2021), while Yim is the winner of this year's TVB singing reality show Stars Academy.

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