Star-studded affair for actress Sora Ma's wedding

Celebrity friends who attended the wedding included Chen Xiuhuan and Vincent Ng. PHOTOS: CHEN XIUHUAN/INSTAGRAM

SINGAPORE - Malaysian actress Sora Ma held her wedding on Sunday (July 24) and it was a starry affair.

Many of her celebrity friends attended the event at the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, including Chen Xiuhuan, Chen Tianwen, Wang Yuqing, Brandon Wong and Vincent Ng.

Celebrity couples Hong Huifang and Zheng Geping as well as Tay Kewei and Alfred Sim also turned up at the wedding.

While Chen Xiuhuan posted photos of Ma's wedding on social media on Monday, the photos did not show the groom's face.

The 38-year-old actress surprised her fans in June 2021 when she disclosed her nuptial plans and officially tied the knot in October the same year.

(From left) Celebrity couple Zheng Geping and Hong Huifang, Brandon Wong, Sora Ma, Chen Xiuhuan and Teddy Tang at the wedding. PHOTOS: HONG HUIFANG/INSTAGRAN, CHEN XIUHUAN/INSTAGRAM

Ma previously told the local media that her husband is a Singaporean businessman who is seven or eight years older than her.

She said she had met him on April 29, 2012 and they began dating in March 2013.

"My heart was surging after seeing that our parents and good friends were more excited than both of us," she wrote on social media on Monday.

"There were endless messages to reply and no time to reminisce the events of last night. It was a beautiful feeling and I can't describe how grateful I was."

Ma, who has starred in drama This Land Is Mine (2021) and movie Reborn, said her mother and her elder brother had travelled to Singapore to put the veil on her.

She told Lianhe Zaobao that she grew up in a single-parent family and her elder brother is like a father to her.

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