Singer Wang Leehom's ex-wife threatens to sue if he does not apologise for his dad's statement

Taiwanese-American singer Wang Leehom confirmed on social media on Dec 15 that he and Lee Jinglei, his wife of eight years, have divorced. PHOTO: WANGLEEHOM/FACEBOOK

TAIPEI - Wang Leehom's former wife Lee Jinglei has threatened to sue the singer-actor and his father for alleged libel if Wang did not apologise to her by 3pm on Sunday (Dec 19). Wang has not reacted to the post as at Sunday evening.

In the latest war of words between the former couple, Lee, 35, disputed the senior Wang's media statement, which blamed her for the breakdown of their marriage.

Mr Wang Ta-chung, who is in his 80s and based in the United States, said in a handwritten note early on Sunday that he regretted agreeing to the marriage between Wang and Lee.

Wang, 45, confirmed on social media on Wednesday that he and Lee, his wife of eight years, have divorced.

The couple married in 2013 and have two daughters, aged seven and five, and a three-year-old son.

Lee took to social media late on Friday night to accuse him of various misdeeds towards her throughout their marriage, including multiple infidelities, soliciting prostitutes and being verbally abusive and bullying.

The senior Wang, who was seen in a photo holding the note, claimed that Lee, who got pregnant in 2013, had threatened to destroy Wang's career if he did not marry her.

"I am the only one in the family who agreed to the marriage, as I felt that it was necessary to protect the child and his career was important," the elder Wang wrote.

"She might also be good after marriage, but it turned out to be the biggest regret of my life."

The elder Wang claimed that his son had suffered in his years of marriage, and had a hellish life especially in the last two years.

He claimed that Wang worked hard to maintain the marriage and that Lee had plotted for two years before her sensational post on Friday.

"The whole issue has been going on for many years, with the divorce ongoing for close to two years," he said.

"In fact, both parties have signed the papers. The woman has requested hundreds of millions of dollars, a house, living expenses, nannies, a Filipino maid, a chauffeur, plus the children's education and living expenses, which have all been acceded to, so there is no question of not supporting her."

Mr Wang Ta-chung said in a handwritten note that he regretted agreeing to the marriage between his son Wang Leehom and Lee Jinglei. PHOTO: WEIBO

He said his son is not a "scum" and did not have an affair during the marriage.

Lee refuted the elder Wang's statement on Sunday morning.

"I feel pained and in disbelief to see Wang's father taking such a photo and telling lies for his 45-year-old son, despite his advanced age," Lee wrote in Chinese on Instagram.

"We are grown-ups and when things go wrong, we should take responsibility and face them ourselves."

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She slammed Wang for not apologising for his infidelity despite strong evidence on the Internet and instead hiding behind his father.

Lee said she and Wang began dating with the intention of marriage, as he mentioned several times that he, who was 37 then, was anxious to get married and have kids.

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She disclosed that he did not take any birth control measures when they had sex while dating.

"Leehom was very happy when I became pregnant and said he would tell his parents the good news," Lee wrote.

"However, after discussion with his parents, he asked whether I could go for an abortion or give birth to the child without marrying him."

Lee said she proposed two plans - they marry as previously agreed and move to Taiwan to set up a family, or she give birth and raise the child in secret.

She said Wang chose the first option.

She also disputed the senior Wang's claim that his son had suffered during the marriage, as they had a second and third child later.

"How could there be children if there was no love?" she asked. "Was I a child-bearing machine?"

She said there were friends and family members, as well as written posts, who witnessed the happiness and support they had in their marriages.

"A marriage does not always consist of happiness, but it is not true that it was seven years of suffering," she said.

"He may be an actor, but I am not. I could not show my affection in public if there wasn't any."

Wang Leehom (right) with his parents. PHOTO: WANGLEEHOM/INSTAGRAM

Lee denied that she had plotted to write her long Instagram post for two years and said that it was written in the presence of two good friends on Friday.

She said Wang's father was unlikely to know if his son had any affairs, just as it was unlikely for Wang to tell his father that he had hired prostitutes.

Lee also included a snapshot of a message from Wang on Saturday afternoon that said he would give her the condo she and her child are currently living in if she apologised, told the media that her accusations were groundless, and that she was not thinking clearly.

"We have known each other for so many years and you still don't know I can't be bought with money," she said.

"You still have no remorse till now, and selfishly feel that my reputation and future are not important, while yours is."

She, however, agreed with Wang's father that he is not "scum", just someone who has made mistakes which could be corrected.

Several brands have dropped Wang from endorsement deals after Lee's revelations on Friday, and some of his celebrity pals like singer Jay Chou and model-actress Chiling Lin have unfollowed him on social media.

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