Singer Jay Chou hits back at rumours of a love child

Jay Chou wrote in his Weibo: "There are still people who try so hard to smear my name, it is so laughable." PHOTO: JAY CHOU/WEIBO

Singer-songwriter Jay Chou, 42, has hit back at those spreading rumours about him having a love child with a Chinese air stewardess.

The rumours, which date back three years, were refuted by both parties then, but have resurfaced in recent days.

They began trending on social media and are believed to be part of a smear campaign to distract from actress Zheng Shuang's on-going scandal. The Chinese star has been under much scrutiny after it came to light that she allegedly abandoned two surrogate babies.

"I'd like to share something with other artiste friends. When faced with rumour mongers in the past, I would have hunted them down and destroyed them," the Taiwanese superstar wrote on Weibo on Monday (Jan 25).

"But now, don't bother to waste time on them. Use it on things which make you happy."

Speaking as a "Big Brother" who has been in the industry for more than 20 years, he wrote: "There are still people who try so hard to smear my name, it is so laughable."

Known as a doting husband and father, he married model-actress Hannah Quinlivan, 27, in 2015 and they have two young children.

She appears in his latest film, Nezha, a racing movie he produced that also stars actor Tsao Yu-ning.

In the same message on Weibo, he referred to a song Si Mian Chu Ge (Surrounded) he wrote about the paparazzi, which he called "dogs" in the lyrics.

From Chou's hit album November's Chopin (2005), the rap song was a biting criticism of how he had been hounded by tabloid reporters due to his sky-rocketing popularity.

"Unexpectedly, lyrics from a few hundred years ago can now be put to use," he said, quoting them: "Although I know there are a lot of archers, trying to shoot me down, but when I reach the summit, no one can hurt me anymore."

He also tagged on the tears of joy emoji for good measure.

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