Rui En's dad suffered another health scare two days before she joined Instagram

Rui En also revealed that her father was at risk of colon cancer as her grandfather died of it. PHOTO: RUI EN/INSTAGRAM

SINGAPORE - Actress Rui En revealed that her dad had suffered "unexplained blood loss" last week and had to be hospitalised.

Much to her relief, he was given the all-clear and was able to return home, she shared on Instagram on Saturday (Aug 7). It was her third post on the social media platform, having just joined last Thursday (Aug 5).

"Two days before the launch of my Instagram, I got news that my Dad was hospitalised again, this time for unexplained blood loss. The night he was hospitalised, he received a blood transfusion," she wrote, adding that he was put through a slew of tests.

Earlier this year, the 40-year-old star's dad, who is retired and lives in New Zealand, had a heart attack and underwent a triple bypass in March, but made a full recovery.

Adding to her worries, she revealed, was that he was at risk of colon cancer as her grandfather died of it.

"Basically throughout these few whirlwind days of receiving so much love on Insta, my dad was always at the back of my head. This time, I told God that I trusted that all things will work together for our good, even though I was scared s***less," she added.

After she received the good news, a mentor of hers said to her: "Well, basically, you had diagnosed him with cancer on your own."

The star, who had always been private about her personal life, said: "I struggle so much with living in the present, I basically just go straight to the worst-case scenario, and this has been an incredible reminder."

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