Mario Ho slams netizen who claims he has affairs with young models

A netizen claimed on Weibo that Mr Mario Ho has played around with young models both before and after his marriage. PHOTO: MOMOMARIOHO/INSTAGRAM

HONG KONG - Mr Mario Ho, the son of late Macau gambling tycoon Stanley Ho, has decided to take aim at allegations of affairs made against him online.

A netizen had claimed on Weibo late on Monday (June 13) that Mr Mario Ho has played around with young models, both before and after his marriage, and that he would sometimes give them a big sum of money.

Mr Ho, who is married to Chinese supermodel Ming Xi, headed to the post's comment section to rebut the allegations.

He wrote: "Really? Do you have evidence? How much was the money? Which models? Who told you this? Who are you? Do you get paid for spreading rumours? Do you feel a sense of achievement spreading rumours? Don't you have other ways of seeking happiness besides spreading rumours? Don't you have a proper job? Did you make any contribution to society? Can you be more positive? Is your life so boring?"

Xi, whose real name is Xi Mengyao, has so far not reacted publicly to the allegations.

Mr Ho, 27, and Xi, 33, began dating in 2017 after they took part in Chinese reality dating show Mr Left Mr Right.

Xi is a supermodel who had modelled for Victoria's Secret before her marriage. She has also acted in Chinese movies such as This Is Not What I Expected (2017) and Kill Mobile (2018).

The couple made headlines in May 2019 when Mr Ho proposed to Xi at a Shanghai mall decorated with 99,999 roses.

They married two months later and have been open about showing their affection for each other on social media.

The couple have two children - son Ronaldo, who turns three in October, and daughter Romee, who was born in November 2021.

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