Late celebrities Alien Huang and Godfrey Gao remembered by friends

Alien Huang (left) died from cardiovascular complications on Sept 16 2020, while Godfrey Gao died of cardiac arrest on Nov 27, 2019. PHOTOS: LIANHE ZAOBAO, ST FILE

Taiwanese singer-host Alien Huang may have died from cardiovascular complications on Sept 16, but his good friends have not forgotten his birthday.

He would have turned 37 on Saturday (Nov 28).

His good friend and ex-girlfriend, singer Rainie Yang, posted on Instagram a composite photo of her with Huang, actress Ann Hsu, Ms Elin Yeh and another friend who goes by the online name Beachboi.

The five good friends are known as the Hwa Kang Gang of Five as they were graduates of the Taipei Hwa Kang Arts School.

Yang, 36, wrote in Chinese: "Happy birthday. I will not post wishes on your birthday in future. I will choose to say it in my heart, as you know I always remember this day.

"The five of us should have taken a photo together some time ago, but did not act on it even though we have talked about it for a long time. I never imagined that the photo would be presented this way.

"Although we talked and laughed the day the photo was taken, we knew how we felt in our hearts."

She thanked Huang's manager Dino for providing Huang's photo and the staff who took the group photo and then inserted the singer-host into it.

Huang's girlfriend - cheerleader Wu Han-chun - did not forget his birthday either as she posted on social media the cake she had made for him last year and thanked him for appearing in her life.

Rainie Yang (left) posted on Instagram a composite photo of the Hwa Kang Gang of Five, while Huang's girlfriend Wu Han-chun posted the cake she had made for him last year. PHOTOS: INSTAGRAM

For influencer Bella Su, it has been one year since her boyfriend, model-actor Godfrey Gao, died.

He died at age 35 of sudden cardiac arrest on Nov 27 last year after collapsing during the shooting of Chinese reality show Chase Me in Zhejiang, China.

Su wrote a long post on social media, detailing the turmoil she had gone through in the past year, including her sadness at losing her boyfriend and the criticism she faced online whenever she posted photos to remember Gao, with some netizens accusing her of exploiting his death.

One of the photos posted by Bella Su (right) on Nov 27 as she detailed the turmoil she had gone through in the past year. PHOTOS: INSTAGRAM

The influencer said she was fortunate that she had met some life mentors to guide her along the way.

Gao's other good friends also remembered him on his first death anniversary, with former F4 member Van Ness Wu, actor Gabriel Lan, singer K.Swo and singer Cindy Yen dedicating their new song Through It All to him.

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