Is Taiwan's Show Lo hinting at a comeback?

Show Lo was dropped from several Chinese variety shows after his ex-girlfriend Grace Chow accused him of cheating. PHOTO: SHOW LO/INSTAGRAM

Is Show Lo hinting at a comeback?

The Taiwanese entertainer was dropped from several Chinese variety shows after his ex-girlfriend, Grace Chow, wrote an explosive post on Weibo in April.

The 32-year-old Chinese influencer announced that she had broken up with Lo, 41, for some time. She went on to accuse the singer-host of cheating on her, hosting sex parties and having "improper relations" with Linda Chien, one of his co-hosts on long-running variety programme 100% Entertainment (1997 to present).

On Monday (Nov 16), Lo posted on Instagram a selfie possibly taken in a make-up room for artists. He wrote in Chinese: "Everything has become familiar after coming to a familiar environment and meeting familiar people."

In the past, his posts were usually of him either playing golf or basketball.

He did not disclose when his latest photo was taken, but a comeback might not go smoothly judging from the reactions of Chinese netizens. Some have not forgotten his past misdeeds and called for boycotts if he were to have new projects.

A recent Taiwanese media report said Lo was waiting for the right opportunity to make a comeback after he turned down an opportunity to host an outdoor variety show.

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