Huang Yiliang's heart 'ripped to shreds' by Chantalle Ng's abuse allegations

Chantelle Ng (right) said that when she was 11, Huang Yiliang got so angry with her for not performing well in mathematics that he beat her. PHOTOS: HUANG YI LIANG/FACEBOOK, LIANHE ZAOBAO

SINGAPORE - Former actor Huang Yiliang has responded to his daughter Chantalle Ng's allegation that he once hit her so badly that she had to be hospitalised for a week.

Speaking in his first Facebook live stream, Huang, 60, said his heart had been "ripped to shreds" by her interview on the talk show Hear U Out. Ng, one of Mediacorp's most prominent young actress, is his daughter with veteran actress Lin Meijiao, 57.

In a 30-minute live stream, Huang said: "I've doted on you for so many years. And yet you say these things that rip my heart to shreds. You shouldn't have."

Huang and Lin married in 1991 and Ng was born in 1995. They divorced before Ng turned one. As Lin had custody, Ng would visit her father once a week as a child.

In the Quan Yifeng-hosted talk show, Ng said that when she was 11, Huang got so angry with her for not performing well in mathematics that he beat her. When Lin intervened, he beat her as well. The incident was reported to the police and made its way to court but Lin eventually dropped the case.

Ng, 26, also said she was frightened of Huang and his volatile moods growing up and lost contact with him soon after the incident.

Huang, who broke into song and gesticulated wildly at points, addressed Ng directly in the live stream and said he wanted to set the record straight. He said that when the case was in court, he asked for Ng to be excused from the proceedings during his turn to speak and, as such, she missed his side of the story.

"Three days before the incident, your mother and I had a call, she told me to play the bad cop and she'd play the good cop," he said.

"I bought two rattan canes and brought it to your home. I just wanted to show you the canes and scare you. It's an effective trick, it works on every kid but you. I didn't realise Lin Meijiao would turn into the mother hen, and I the eagle, you the chick. If you had let me hit you lightly for show, then we'd have been done. Because I was just fulfilling my duty as the bad cop."

Huang also spoke about his will - saying he left 30 per cent each to Ng and his son with his current wife, and 20 per cent each to his current wife and Lin.

"People tell me to live in the moment, say your mother is no longer my spouse and I don't need to leave her anything but she gave me a daughter and that's a gift bigger than the sky."

He asked Ng not to talk about how wonderful her mother is and how he hit her while he is embroiled in legal woes, saying that may have an adverse effect on his sentencing. He was given a 10-month sentence in February for assaulting a Bangladeshi worker in 2018 and is facing an unrelated charge of disturbing the public peace.

When contacted by The Straits Times over the telephone, Huang hung up both times.

Ng and Lin are currently mourning Lin's mother, 80, who died over the weekend, and asked for privacy through their management.

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