Chantalle Ng says she was badly beaten when she was 11 by dad Huang Yiliang

Actress Chantalle Ng (left) did not maintain contact with her estranged father Huang Yiliang (right) as she remained fearful of him. PHOTOS: LIANHE ZAOBAO, HUANG YILIANG/FACEBOOK

SINGAPORE - Actress Chantalle Ng has opened up about her relationship with her estranged father, former actor Huang Yiliang.

In the latest episode of talk show Hear U Out with host Quan Yifeng, Ng, 26, touched on her childhood experiences as she was brought up single handedly by her mum, veteran actress Lin Meijiao.

The mother-daughter actress duo have a very close relationship.

Lin, 57, had filed for divorce from Huang, 60, when her daughter was just a few months old.

"Most of the unhappiness that I had when I was a child came from my dad. My parents were divorced before I turned one and I had to visit my dad every Sunday because my mum had custody of me," said the breakout star of My Star Bride (2021).

While she had some fond childhood memories of playing sports with her dad, she also revealed that he had an unpredictable temper.

"It's just that sometimes, his temper can be volatile and I would not know when he would become angry."

Earlier this year, Huang was sentenced to 10 months' jail in February over an attack on a Bangladeshi worker with a metal scraper.

The worker was an employee of HYL Enterprises, a plumbing company owned by Huang, and audio recordings from the trial showed that Huang had frequent angry, verbal outbursts against his worker.

On the show, Ng brought up an incident from when she was in Primary 5 and preparing for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) the following year.

"Perhaps he was under a lot of stress and my PSLE was coming up, so he engaged a lot of tutors to give me lessons," she said.

"Maybe he felt anxious for me to do well and one of them might have given him negative feedback. (My dad) got angry when he heard that I wasn't good in maths and he lost control of himself when he came to my place. The matter became a police case (because) I got hit and it was so serious that I had to be hospitalised for a week."

Her mother later dropped the charges after seeing how fearful Ng was in court, where Huang was also present.

After that incident, Ng met her dad once or twice when she was in secondary school, but did not maintain contact with him as she remained fearful of him.

She added: "Even until now, I'm 25 years old, I'm still not ready."

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