HK singer Andy Hui begins comeback in Taiwan after cheating scandal

The move came exactly two years after Andy Hui's career came to a halt.
The move came exactly two years after Andy Hui's career came to a halt.PHOTO: ANDYHUICHION/INSTAGRAM

Hong Kong singer Andy Hui is seeking a career comeback as he arrived in Taiwan on Friday (April 16) to prepare filming a TV serial.

The move came exactly two years after his career came to a halt when he was caught in a cheating scandal with actress Jacqueline Wong.

Hui, who is married to Cantopop queen Sammi Cheng, was spotted by Taiwan's Apple Daily arriving at the Taoyuan International Airport wearing a cap and a face mask and looking in good spirits.

The 53-year-old told Apple Daily that he will be staying in Taiwan for about one month and will memorise the script and exercise during the 14 days of quarantine.

He added that Cheng, 48, will be staying in Hong Kong while he was filming in Taiwan.

According to the Taiwanese newspaper, Hui had been jogging and going for workouts for more than a month to stay in shape for the TV series.

He would be playing a Hong Kong singer in the musical and also performing the theme song.

The TV series - the Chinese title translates to Accept The Challenge, Producer! - comprises 12 stories based on the challenges faced by a group of singers in the year 2000.

It will be directed by Kao Pin-chuan, who won the Golden Bell Award for Best Director in a Television Series for Yong-Jiu Grocery Store last year and stars Taiwanese actor Yo Yang as the music producer.

This is the first time Yang is acting and producing a show at the same time.

Besides Hui, who is the leading actor in one of the episodes, the TV series will also feature other celebrities such as singers 9m88 and Ma Nien-hsien as well as actor Edward Chen.

Hui's singing career hit a high note around the year 2000, when he had hits such as First Quarter Moon, Why Did You Love Others Behind My Back and Who Can I Still Love. He has not released any new songs since 2017.