Fans think Sharon Au is reuniting with Thomas Ong after she posts throwback photos

Sharon Au (left) and Thomas Ong used to be an item more than 20 years ago and remain good friends. PHOTO: SHARON AU/INSTAGRAM

SINGAPORE - Actress-host Sharon Au posted a series of hilarious throwback photos on Instagram with celebrity pals such as actress Lina Ng, comedian-actor Mark Lee, DJ Dennis Chew and actor Adrian Pang on Saturday (July 24), but the ones which attracted the most attention were two lovey-dovey ones with former actor Thomas Ong.

Au, 45, who is now based in Paris but is back in town for a visit, and Ong, 52, used to be an item more than 20 years ago and remain good friends.

She joked in her caption: "Thomas said this was taken in 1968."

She added: "Spring-cleaned my stuff at Mum's house and found a series of photos that made us laugh so hard. Now I know what old photos are for: a form of therapy that reminds us how lucky we are to be young once.

"Now, I am just happy to be alive, healthy and well, everything else is a bonus. Live immediately."

Fans immediately began clamouring in the comments for the former couple to get back together.

One commenter wrote: "If it's a hint, I am so happy. If it's true, I am overjoyed."

Another advised her: "It is time, don't make Thomas doubt. Seize this opportune time, it may never come again."

Earlier this year in May, Ong had proposed to Au's cat, Rudon, in jest and Au had referred to him at the time as "Singapore's most eligible bachelor".

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