Sharon Au keeps promise to mum to return every year to see her

Sharon flew back on June 7 and is currently serving her quarantine.
Sharon flew back on June 7 and is currently serving her quarantine.PHOTO: LIANHE ZAOBAO

Former host-actress Sharon Au, who has lived in Paris for almost three years, is keeping her promise to her mum to see her every year.

Au, 45, flew back on Monday (June 7) and is currently serving her quarantine at Royal Plaza on Scotts.

"I'm keeping my promise to my mum that I will return home to see her every year," she said in an interview with Lianhe Zaobao on Wednesday (May 9), adding that she intends to stay in Singapore until after National Day.

As this is not a holiday for her, the investment director at French private equity firm is still working on Paris time, which is six hours behind Singapore.

Although she arrived safely back in Singapore, her luggage was not so fortunate.

"I worked as a flight stewardess in the past and flew frequently, but I have never lost my luggage before," said the former Singapore Girl, who stopped flying when she entered show business in the mid-1990s.

She has been sharing snippets of her life in isolation on Instagram, such as when she had a video chat with her mum.

She posted a series of photos of their smiling faces and wrote: "Mum is worried about my asthma but I assured her the carpet in the hotel is very clean. Mum has asthma too and I worry about her every day during this pandemic."

Au later posted an Instagram Story of her vacuuming the carpet and also strumming on her guitar and singing I Want To Break Free.

She has also been showered with gifts of food and flowers in her hotel room. These included a meal of bebek goreng, a fried duck dish, which was personally delivered by actress Zoe Tay.

Au later joked that the star, who was wearing a hat and a face mask, had caused a commotion in the hotel lobby, with people still managing to recognise her: "It's Zoe Tay. It's Zoe Tay."