Dee Hsu says her mother is no longer mad at Barbie Hsu's sudden marriage

Barbie Hsu (left) announced her marriage to South Korean musician DJ Koo a week ago. PHOTOS: BARBIE HSU/WEIBO, BARBIE HSU/WEIBO

TAIWAN - In her first public appearance since her elder sister Barbie Hsu got hitched, Taiwanese host Dee Hsu told reporters that her mother has come to terms with the sudden marriage.

"My mother, my two sisters and I are extremely close. Of course she has concerns as our mother, but she loves her daughter so there's no way she can (stay mad) at her for long," the 43-year-old said at a charity sale event on Tuesday (March 15).

Barbie Hsu, 45, announced her marriage to 52-year-old South Korean musician DJ Koo, or Koo Jun-yup of the dance music duo Clon, a week ago. They had dated some 20 years ago and recently reconnected after Hsu's divorce from Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei in November 2021.

Hsu's mother was rumoured to be blindsided and upset by the news. She posted a picture of roosters pecking at each other on Facebook, with the caption: "Don't snatch my children away."

But Dee Hsu said that her mother was beginning to accept her new son-in-law. "She called me to say she saw clips of Clon appearing on our old variety programmes and said Koo was really good-looking then."

Dee Hsu (right) said that her mother was beginning to accept her new son-in-law. PHOTO: DEE HSU/FACEBOOK

The interview, which was live-streamed on Taiwanese media Star ETToday's YouTube page, attracted a horde of comments in Korean as well.

Asked about her reaction to the nuptials, Dee Hsu said she gasped when she first learnt of it.

"I was like: 'How could this be?' I've seen the entire trajectory of my sister's life so I know how deeply in love the two of them were back then. I never would have imagined that after her divorce, someone she loved so much in the past would turn around and court her once more. Her life is really fantastical."

She added: "It's very difficult for a woman to find a person she loves after a divorce at the age my sister is now but she is so lucky to have met this man. Of course she has to go for it."

Dee Hsu also shared tidbits about Koo's quarantine in Taiwan. She said old fans of Clon in Taiwan have been sending food to their "oppa" (big brother in Korean), making it hard for him to keep in shape.

The self-professed fan of South Korean entertainment asked Koo if he knew popular actors like Choi Woo-shik, Lee Jong-suk and Jang Hyuk. Alas, he did not.

She added: "I was just hoping if we ever travel to South Korea, maybe he can gather some of his celebrity friends and we can all be friends together."

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