HK actress Jacqueline Wong hit by talk of TVB contract termination and falling out with Roxanne Tong

Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong (left) and Hong Kong actress Roxanne Tong no longer follow each other on Instagram. PHOTO: JACQUELINE WONG/INSTAGRAM

Both were said to be good friends, with their friendship going back to 2012 when they took part in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant.

But it looks like actresses Jacqueline Wong and Roxanne Tong are on chummy terms no more - at least not on social media.

Observant netizens recently discovered that Wong, 31, and Tong, 33, no longer follow each other on Instagram. Some wonder if this was as Tong had not only taken over Wong's role in a TVB drama but also replaced her as the girlfriend of actor Kenneth Ma in real life.

Speculation over the two actresses' relationship comes as the Hong Kong media reported over the weekend that broadcaster TVB was likely to terminate Wong's contract.

In April last year, Wong was caught in a cheating scandal with singer Andy Hui, who is married to Cantopop diva Sammi Cheng.

The television serials that Wong had acted in were quickly canned, with her role in television serial Forensic Heroes IV taken over by Tong.

Wong's then boyfriend, Kenneth Ma, broke up with her after the scandal. In June this year, Ma, 46, admitted that he and Tong were dating.

Wong congratulated the couple, but it seems she is no longer close to Tong, who told the media later that they had not kept in touch since Wong left Hong Kong for the United States after the scandal.

Asked about Wong unfollowing her and even blocking her on social media, Tong said she was unaware of it and would look into the matter. Ma, who does not follow Wong on Instagram, said he was unaware of the matter too.

Earlier, it seemed as if things were looking up for Wong. Two of her canned drama serials - Finding Her Voice and Handmaidens United - were belatedly released late last year, with a third one - The Offliners - finally scheduled to be broadcast in Hong Kong.

But Oriental Daily News reported over the weekend that TVB made the decision to terminate her contract as it concluded that Wong's image had not improved 18 months after the scandal and was unlikely to improve soon. While Wong is still under contract and on no-pay leave, TVB decided that it is better to let her go now given the worsening economy.

Wong neither confirmed nor denied the report when approached by the Hong Kong media, and simply said she would inform the media if there were updates.


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