What readers are talking about this week

The idea of rewarding members of the public who catch litterbugs won support from Mr Raymond Lo Wan Mou, but Mr Vincent Ong Kok Lam and Mr Stephen Chia Keow Chin urged caution in implementing such an idea.

Mr Ong said the public is generally civic-minded enough to report an offence without the lure of a reward, if they could only do it in a convenient way. He also highlighted some problems in showing proof of littering.

Mr Chia is concerned that allowing someone to benefit from another person's folly would generate ill will in the community.

Ms Jolene Tan Siyu's letter last week, on rethinking the move to increase fees for foreign students in Singapore schools, got many readers talking this week. Most felt it was fair for non-citizens to pay much higher fees for education that is highly subsidised by taxpayers.

Here are some of these letters:

Challenges in reward system for catching litterbugs

Time for a novel idea

Don't strain cohesion in community

Reasons to reconsider school fee hike

Reasonable to differentiate school fees

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