Ways to settle polyclinic bills

We thank Mr Seah Kian Chong for his feedback about his wife's visit to Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic on Nov 5 ("Polyclinic demands immediate payment despite reassurances"; Forum Online, Dec 13).

As recounted by Mr Seah, the computer system was experiencing slowness when his wife was trying to make payment using her Medisave. To save her from waiting any further, our clinic staff informed Mrs Seah that she could go home first and pay the outstanding charges at her next visit.

What our clinic staff may not have explained clearly is that Mrs Seah could also settle the bill at any AXS machine or DBS Online Banking portal, and to expect bill reminders via our automated system as long as there is an amount outstanding.

When Mr Seah called us on Nov 23, we explained the situation to him and noted that he had since settled the outstanding bills.

We wish Mr Seah and his family the best of health.

Tracy Gan (Ms)

Deputy Director

Service Leadership and Patient Relations

Operations Division

National Healthcare Group Polyclinics