Polyclinic demands immediate payment despite reassurances

Recently, when a cashier's computer at Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic hung while processing my wife's medical payment through Medisave, the cashier told her to go home as she was unsure how long the issue would take to be resolved and said that the outstanding portion of the charges would be carried over to the next bill.

About two weeks later, an SMS requesting payment was sent to her mobile phone, though no timeline was given.

As the amount was negligible and recalling what the cashier had said about the outstanding amount being added to the next appointment's bill, I called the hotline and was told to ignore the message as it was part of the polyclinic system's protocol.

To my surprise and consternation, a letter was received two weeks or so later, demanding immediate payment.

This has impressed upon me that the clinic's departments are administratively not in sync with one another.

If this issue is not resolved, it will not only be confusing for patients, but also unproductive for everyone concerned.

Seah Kian Chong