Verification of info over the phone: Bank replies

We thank Mr Lee Yong Se for his feedback ("No way to tell if call from bank was genuine"; Forum Online, June 27).

We have since contacted Mr Lee to clarify the misunderstanding.

In general, for incomplete customer applications submitted, it is the bank's practice to contact the customer for the necessary information, and prior to sharing details, we would request to authenticate the customer through verification questions.

If customers are unsure of the authenticity of the bank representative, we advise them not to reveal any personal information and to call the bank's contact centre on 1800-747-7000 for assistance.

At Standard Chartered, we are committed to the protection of our clients' personal data, and we uphold strict standards regarding client confidentiality and personal data security.

We have a rigorous client verification process in place, which is aligned with industry standards.

Janice Koh (Ms)

Head of Client Experience

Standard Chartered Bank Singapore