No way to tell if call from bank was genuine

Recently, I applied for a Standard Chartered credit card online and submitted the documents.

A few days later, I received a call from the bank requesting my identity card number, address and telephone number so that a verbal verification could be done.

This practice is puzzling, as we have been educated by police and banks against revealing personal information over the telephone, in the light of recent telephone scams ("Phone scammers cheat elderly woman out of $100,000"; June 27).

Additionally, there was no way for me to ascertain if the caller was a bona fide staff member from StanChart processing my credit card application.

Much as the promotions offered by StanChart were tempting, I value my personal data security more and told the caller that I would be giving the credit card application a miss.

Perhaps the authorities could comment on whether the practice by StanChart is an appropriate one, as unsuspecting customers might reveal their personal information to scammers.

Lee Yong Se