Two-step opt-in system for third-party service

We are sorry for any confusion that arose while rendering assistance to Mr Ng Boon Ping ("Telcos must be able to explain third-party charges before insisting on payment"; Forum Online; April 18).

We confirm that the $15 charge incurred by Mr Ng for subscribing to a third-party online learning service is legitimate.

We acknowledge that we could have exercised greater care to ensure that he understood the charge, for instance, by advising him to approach the third-party provider for details on his purchase.

All third-party content providers that StarHub works with have implemented a two-step opt-in system for our customers.

This means customers must first click through two purchase confirmations in order to activate the service, to avoid unintended purchases.

These confirmations also come with a notification of the charges that they will incur.

We have contacted Mr Ng and resolved the matter with him.

Philemon Foo

Senior Executive

Corporate Communications