Telcos must be able to explain third-party charges before insisting on payment

I, too, suffered a problem similar to Mr Ho Chi Wei's ("Third-party phone billing problems persist"; April 13).

One of the mobile lines I am holding received an unknown third-party charge of about $15 last month.

When I called StarHub, the customer service officer said he was not able to tell me what the third-party service was, just that StarHub was collecting fees on its behalf.

He said all he could do was to ask upper management for a waiver. He called me back within 20 minutes to waive the charges.

However, I received a call on April 14 from StarHub, saying that upon investigation, the telco found that the charge was legitimate, and that I would have to pay for it.

I asked the caller what the charge was for, and he said he did not know.

How can someone say that he has investigated the charge, yet be unable to tell me what the charge was for?

I highlighted to the StarHub caller that the charge had been waived on my last conversation with the telco.

After I insisted that I would not pay for a mysterious charge no one could give me answers on, the caller agreed to honour the waiver.

Telcos should get their act together on such issues, and at least show customers what the third-party charge is all about before insisting that customers pay for it.

Ng Boon Ping