Touting not condoned at Lau Pa Sat

We thank Mr Lim Wah Fong for his letter ("Put a stop to touting at Lau Pa Sat"; Forum Online, March 17).

The Lau Pa Sat Management takes such feedback seriously, as we do not condone touting at Lau Pa Sat. Our priority is to ensure smooth and orderly operations within the premises.

We have measures in place to deal with touting. For instance, penalties are imposed on stall operators, should they be in breach of the "No Touting" rule that Lau Pa Sat has instituted. We also have a team of personnel deployed on the ground to provide assistance and to conduct checks regularly.

Following this feedback, we have met the stall operators to reiterate the management's zero tolerance for touting.

We are also currently examining stepped-up measures, such as placing "No Touting" signage and a hotline number at prominent locations so that members of the public may report touting activities.

The public can be assured that this has our immediate attention, and we will make a concerted effort to eradicate this undesirable practice.

Jacqueline Lim (Ms)

Assistant Director

Lau Pa Sat Management