Taxi drivers entitled to choose their music


Mrs A. Staveley-Taylor wrote that taxi drivers should not listen to their own music when picking up paying passengers (Cabbies should not inflict their music on passengers; May 9).

She said that the drivers are being insensitive, especially when the music is in a different language.

However, I disagree with her.

What does a passenger pay for when he hails a taxi in Singapore?

A passenger pays for only the service of being transported from one place to another. Fares are charged solely based on this.

While some taxi drivers do provide additional services, like providing a bottle of water, this is not an entitlement.

However, passengers may politely ask for the music to be switched off or turned down if they feel uncomfortable.

Taxi drivers work in a very competitive industry.

Perhaps we should just let them have the simple pleasure of choosing their own music.

Bernard Kwee Tze Wei

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