Cabbies should not inflict their music on passengers

Taxis picking up passengers waiting in line at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. PHOTO: ST FILE

Is it unreasonable to expect cab drivers not to play music while carrying a paying passenger?

The choice of music and the volume implies that the driver is being insensitive, more so when the music is in a different language.

Recently after a 16-hour flight, I got into a taxi at Changi airport and found myself stuck in this vehicle for nearly an hour having to listen to music that is really not to my taste. It made the ride unpleasant and the driver, in my view, very discourteous.

He never once asked if the music was acceptable or if I minded. He seemed uninterested as though I did not exist.

Taxi drivers can play whatever music on their own time but should stop when they pick up a passenger.

Perhaps listening to traffic updates is more useful and relevant.

Mrs A Staveley-Taylor

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