Price war shows telcos' unhealthy practices

As the three incumbent telcos engage in a price war, slashing prices ahead of the possible entry of a fourth telco, it seems the suspicions of consumers that they have long been subject to the oligopolistic practices of Singtel, M1 and StarHub will bear out ("Telcos dangle data offer in price war"; March 11).

Netizens have cried foul over the price slashing and demanded to know why they had been made to fork out more over the past few years.

If MyRepublic had not been eyeing the chance to become the fourth telco, would the existing three have adjusted any of their prices?

The fact that they could slash their prices almost immediately after MyRepublic announced its price plans - consumers could indicate their interest in the fibre broadband operator's mobile plans - reflects the lack of competition and great profit margin that they have been enjoying at the expense of consumers ("Novel offers from telcos and ISPs"; March 10).

The Competition Commission of Singapore may want to look into such unhealthy practices, which have contributed to the higher cost of living here.

Seah Yam Meng

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