Opposition MPs can reflect ground sentiments

Any monopoly is not healthy, whether in business or in government (Singapore must have strong ruling party with clear majority: ESM Goh, May 27).

The opposition's "check and balance" role must not be construed as the Government not doing things right. Rather, its main responsibility is to put things in perspective.

Also it is not always right to believe that people who support the opposition do so simply for the sake of opposing the Government.

Apart from ensuring that the ruling party does not lapse into complacency, many feel that opposition MPs can articulate sentiments and alternative views from the ground and convey them accurately to the House during Parliament sittings.

I do agree that in order to govern Singapore effectively and efficiently, the ruling party needs to have a clear majority, 70 per cent of the seats in Parliament still constitutes a clear majority.

This majority will empower the ruling party to deliver on its promises and plan for the future.

If they are able to secure 30 per cent of the parliamentary seats in future, the opposition will then be in a better position to offer alternatives to what they believe are the Government's shortcomings.

In short, this will keep complacency in check.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng