No unauthorised deduction from spouse's Medisave account

We refer to the letter from Ms Koo Ying Siew (Unauthorised deduction from CPF; Forum Online, June 6).

We would like to clarify that there was no unauthorised deduction from her spouse's Medisave account.

As is our procedure to ensure no lapses in policyholders' insurance plans, we deducted the relevant premium amount for Ms Koo's ElderShield plan, which was due for deduction.

At that point in time, we had not received the completed policy termination form from Ms Koo.

To protect the interest of our policyholders, we require the policy termination form to be completed with the correct details, including the policy number.

Upon receipt of the policy termination form with the correct policy number from Ms Koo, we promptly terminated the policy and refunded the premium back to her spouse's Medisave account.

Tan Seck Geok (Ms)

Head, Group Brand and Communications

Great Eastern