Make bus stops off-limits to users of personal mobility devices

As a regular bus commuter, I share Mr Kenneth Wong's sentiments on personal mobility devices (PMDs) negotiating bus shelter spaces ("Block access to cyclists, e-scooter riders"; Sept 30).

Bus shelter spaces are not generous and can be congested if they serve many bus services.

With PMD users riding through, accidents are just waiting to happen.

Some users even have the audacity to expect bus commuters to give way to them, as if using such spaces is their entitlement.

Even though some public areas are designated shared spaces, bus shelters must be declared out of bounds to PMD users.

This situation has remained unchanged for years. Obviously, nothing has been done.

Clear rules, coupled with enforcement, are needed to rein in this seeming lawlessness. Without them, PMDs users are left to their own devices, and simply use spaces which can be easily accessed, heedless of the danger they pose to others.

Lawrence Loh Kiah Muan