Bus-stop redesign

Block access to cyclists, e-scooter riders

As a frequent bus commuter and a senior citizen, I have often been surprised by cyclists speeding behind me while I am waiting for a bus at the bus stop. I would have most likely been hit if I had moved back a step or two.

The Land Transport Authority's (LTA) decision to redesign bus stops is a welcome one ("More user-friendly public transport system"; Tuesday). The redesign must take into account the safety of commuters who may be in danger of being hit by cyclists and riders of electric scooters who whizz through bus stops.

In fact, the LTA should take immediate steps to improve commuter safety, and not wait for the redesign. It should find a way to prevent cyclists and e-scooter users from riding through bus stops, yet still enable wheelchair users to gain access.

Cyclists and e-scooter users must be required to dismount and use a clearly marked lane at the back of the bus stop instead.

Kenneth Wong

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