LiveCam service: Singtel replies

We regret that Mr Wee Egk Chong has been affected by the retirement of our Mobile LiveCam service ("More flexibility needed in telco plans"; Forum Online, Oct 20).

In this fast-paced industry, it is common for technology providers to cease offering legacy products to keep pace with technology, and to change their plan offerings accordingly.

Given the cessation of the Mobile LiveCam service after Nov 6, we sent a letter on Oct 6 informing all our customers, including Mr Wee, of a similar product they might consider, namely the Home LiveCam service.

The Home LiveCam service was launched in 2013 and is not a service replacing the Mobile LiveCam product.

It is an optional value-added service that is available to Singtel fibre broadband customers. Enabled via Singtel fibre broadband, Home LiveCam is provisioned to customers' specific fibre broadband accounts and, thus, cannot work on other networks.

We note that Home LiveCam is not an alternative for Mr Wee in this situation, and he may not wish to take up the service.

We are in touch with Mr Wee and we thank him for his feedback.

Lian Pek (Ms)

Vice-President, Group Corporate Communications