More flexibility needed in telco plans

I have been a Singtel Mobile Live Cam subscriber since February 2008, paying a monthly subscription of $8. 

I recently received a letter saying that the telco would be terminating the Mobile Live Cam service on Nov 6.

As an alternative, I was offered a Home Live Cam Service at a lower subscription rate of $6.90 a month, and if I signed up, I would get a free high-definition camera worth $98.

This promotional offer applied only to Singtel fibre broadband subscribers.

My fibre broadband subscription is with StarHub, and if I wanted to continue with the live cam service, I would have to terminate my contract with StarHub, and incur penalties, and sign up with Singtel.

Singtel's live cam service used to be an independent, standalone service that does not require one to be a subscriber to its broadband service. Why has it now decided to bundle the two together?

This forces people to sign up with Singtel's fibre broadband service.

Wee Egk Chong