Let firms consult only one engineer to fix fibre line issues

I, too, have experienced a loss of Internet connection twice at my workplace due to a bent fibre cable ("What happens when contractors damage someone else's fibre line?" by Mr Goh Khee Kuan; Forum Online, March 28).

In one of the incidents last year, I had to engage an engineer from my service provider, M1, before an engineer from fibre optic network builder NetLink Trust could be deployed.

The issue dragged on for a few days and more than 50 employees in my workplace were affected, due to the lack of Internet connection.

I hope the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore will:

- Ensure that the fragile fibre cable is better protected from damage that could be caused by contractors, or fine the party who damages the cable.

There is a need to ensure that this does not keep recurring.

- Allow businesses with network expertise to get an engineer from NetLink Trust to fix the cabling issue directly, without having to go through the service provider, or empower the service provider to fix the cabling issue without the need to go through NetLink Trust.

This will also help to avoid miscommunication between the service provider and NetLink Trust.

Wong Boon Hong