What happens when contractors damage someone else's fibre line?

My StarHub fibre line went down on Feb 8. A technician came and ascertained that there was no signal coming from the NetLink Trust line. A team was sent and the line was reactivated, 16 days after it went down.

During the course of this, I learnt that the signal went down because someone had bent my fibre line at the junction box.

All fibre lines serving houses in this area are connected to this junction box. Any contractor serving a customer in the area has access to the junction box.

But there seems to be no controls in place to ensure that in the process of serving their customer, contractors do not damage the connection to other house owners.

What is the Infocomm Development Authority's view on this? Does it track down such errant contractors and impose a penalty on them?

Goh Khee Kuan