Help needed for those stuck with demonetised rupees

It has been two weeks since the shock announcement of the demonetisation of 500-rupee (S$10) and 1,000-rupee banknotes, but still no information or guidance from the High Commission of India in Singapore on people in Singapore stuck with these now-worthless notes ("Rupee crunch: Visitors did not get change in India" by Madam Daniela Morena; Nov 23, "Rupee crunch affects frequent visitors to India" by Mr V. Balu; Nov 22, "Guidance needed on exchanging rupees in S'pore" by Mr Sam Vijaya; Nov 16, "Money changers, banks stop taking old rupees"; Nov 11, and "India scraps 500-rupee, 1,000-rupee banknotes"; Nov 9).

I have written to the High Commission of India in Singapore about the issue and am still awaiting a response.

I have a substantial amount of rupees as my family of six were planning to travel to India soon. However, we are now stuck with these worthless notes.

I hope the High Commission of India in Singapore will come forward to address the issue.

M. Janarth