Have town council reps witness lift maintenance checks

In view of the recent death and injuries due to lift accidents ("Woman hurt as lift shoots up and down"; June 10, "Mobility device user dies after lift accident"; May 17, and "Spate of lift accidents"; April 17), I hope the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) mandates that town council representatives bear witness to at least 10 per cent of the monthly maintenance checks of lifts carried out by lift operators.

This will be an additional measure, on top of the additional checks that lift operators are required to perform from this month, to ensure that the operators are doing their job properly.

It should not be just about raising the sinking fund for lift maintenance.

Under the proposal, town council representatives would have witnessed the maintenance of all the lifts under the council's charge within a year.

The BCA and the Ministry of National Development should enforce the requirement.

Ong Hwee Eng